H1B Travel with or without filing H1 extension

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Hello, I have H1 Visa stamped valid till July 2022 and I am in the process of H1 Extension. MY I-140 is also approved and this will be my 1st extension (3-6yr). I have to travel due to a family emergency and I am in confusion about apply my H1 before leaving for India or getting it done after I come back. Even after coming back I have 60 more days to file and currently, the packet is ready to send in premium but I asked to hold since I don't have Visa slots available to get stamped on a new one if filed and approved. I will be traveling next week.

So it's better to go with the existing Visa and file extension after coming back? or file in regular and go and make it premium after I come back? Friends are sharing info about the I-94 issues and it really bothers me what to do? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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