Is it okay to switch cap-exempt employers while cap-subject H1B petition is pending.

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My cap-subject registration with the prospective employer(for-profit) got picked in the lottery and now the employer is preparing to file a petition. Once approved I'll start from Oct 01. I will definitely join this employer on Oct 01.

Currently, I'm on a cap-exempt H1B visa with a non-profit org-A and looking to switch employers asap. I have an offer from another non-profit org-B for which they need to file a cap-exempt H1B petition and I would like to work until Sep end with this non-profit org-B.

My case: I want to leave my current non-profit org-A asap and join non-profit org-B for time being, finally on Oct 01 I wanted to leave non-profit org-B and join a for-profit employer(prospective employer).

My questions are

- while the for-profit org is in the process of filing a petition/filed petition, would a non-profit org-B filing a cap-exempt H1B petition around the same timeframe complicates the situation or it's fine?  
- also, in this situation eventually if the for-profit org cap-subject H1b petition gets approved and I'm waiting to join them on Oct 01, can I still work for non-profit org-B on a cap-exempt H1B eventually approved petition?

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On 4/6/2022 at 7:14 PM, Leavemessageh1b said:

Yes for sure, by the time they resolve and you get approval it will be October.


thank you for your reply, but didn't get you fully. what would be a problem? How would changing nonprofit employers, would impact my H-1B CAP Petition? I think it should not. They are unrelated.

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