Need important advise - Pending medical bills from 2011 visit

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My mom has visited USA in 2011 and had unexpected and true medical emergency that resulted in about 40 K bills because insurance denied claims due to pre-exit clause. Since my dad signed the paperwork, bills and few calls came inquiring on his name. Calls stopped coming after 3 years. Me and husband relocated to another state as well. Recently Both of their visitor visa is renewed and planning a trip to USA, What is the best way to make sure they won't have a problem at POE or with any collection agents after arrival. Willing to call hospital and negotiate the bill but since it is more than 10 year old, Not sure how to proceed. Experts please advise. Thank you.

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Hello Sravani

Medical bills are considered civil cases, only if registered in courts. And since this is 10 years old bill, you do not have to do anything. Don't bother call hospital and open up the case. Just forget it and move along. This will not affect any immigration cases in future.  

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10 years is beyond the statute of limitations and they cannot sue your parents. collection agents cannot sue them any longer. They will not know about the visit. Any attempt at negotiating the bill now risks resetting the statute of limitations. Their best bet is to move on and enjoy their visit. Do not attempt to do anything. MOVE ON.

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