H1B : Travel to US based on H1B visa from previous employer


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Hello all,

I have been employed as a full time employee for a company "A" since 2011. My current H1B visa is stamped through company "A" ( visa expiry 11/2022) .

Another company had acquired our company(A) in 2021. An H1B amendment was not required since the new company acquired the old company as successor in interest.

My H1b Visa on my passport is still on the old company name however i have paystubs and w2 form in the new company name.

I'm thinking of travelling to india in Feb 2022 to visit parents.

HR and attorney say not to travel since i might be denied entry while returning back to USA at port of entry. The reason is the company names dont match between H1B visa(company "A") and the recent paystubs(Company "B").

Any of you have faced a similar scenario like this ??

Will there be an issue while returning back to USA at the port of entry (since the company names on H1b visa and latest paystubs are different) ??

Thanks in advance.

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