H1B Extension(after 3 yrs)for next 3 yrs.


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Hi All,

I'm having an H1B visa stamped on 201o Jan and valid upto September 30th 2011.I travelled to USA on 29th Aug and Joined the company on 30th Aug(First day in Company)and same day applied for SSN.SSN office informed me I'm going to receive the SSN by 4-6 weeks.

My Problem is I'm going to apply for H1B extension on premium processing on 13th September(My visa is getting expiry on 30th Sep)

Can i apply for H1B extension without SSN and Without paystubs,still i need to receive paystubs as i started working on 30th August which was just 2 weeks?

Please clarify my above questions.

Anyhow I'm going to apply for premium processing for my H1B extension and want to know about more on this.

Everything in my case is genuine and only thing bothering Iam came very late(one month my H1B visa is going to expiry and applying for H1B extension for next 3 yrs at last moment and without SSN)


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