Wife SB-1 Rejected, new GC as IR?

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I (53y) got GC in 2010 and Citizenship in 2015.  I have been employed and staying in US since then.  In 2016, My wife (47y) left to India for her mother's  surgery and severe health issues.  She had stay back more than 2 years due to her mother (stays alone, single child, window) mental condition after the surgery.  I applied for SB-1 for her in 2019 and attended the interview. But it got rejected due to insufficient reasons.  Due to Covid situations, I also went back to India in 2020 (remotely working for the same company) and came back in Aug'21.

What are my options to bring her back to US?    Can I re-apply for GC as immediate relative?

My daughter (24y) got her citizenship in 2018.  Can she apply for GC for her mother? 

Which has more chances for quick approval chances?

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