First and Last Name interchanged in SSN but is correct on Passport and Visa. Applied for I485.. Need help


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Hi..My wife's name (Both prior and post marriage) is reflected correctly in the Passport, Visa, I94.

However, when she had applied for her Social Security Number, there was an issue and her First and Last Name were interchanged. Subsequently, she moved from H1 to H4 visa. She had gone to the SSN office to get it corrected but they rejected the request as their system has no way of fixing SSN details when a person is on H4 visa.

Now, the issue is that we mentioned her Maiden name in the "Other name" and missed out mentioning the interchanged SSN Name (which is carried onto her Drivers licence, Bank, Credit cards etc).

Do any of you foresee any challenges?.Is there a way of reaching out the USCIS to amend this error? We just received our Fingerprint issue for 1st week of Sep. Any input is highly appreciated. Thanks.

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Thanks so much Belle for your prompt response. We had included her SSN in the form.

We had contacted our attorney to indicate that it did not occur that we had to specify the interchanged name in the "Other name" section. We got a response back indicating that there might be potential delays as we should have mentioned it specifically in the Form before applying. Keeping our fingers crossed.

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