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Hello All,

               This is my current situation.

I filed for transfer on Nov 10th 2021 and joined the New Company on Nov 15th based on the receipt notice.

Today I came to know that my company where i was working till Nov 9th 2021, was Debarred from Nov first week.

What is my current situation and what action I should take immediately.

Please advice.


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On 11/29/2021 at 12:41 PM, Raj3182 said:

Debarred from Nov first week.

You need to provide more details on "Debarred"- it could mean lot of things...debarred from where?  why?  etc.

I believe it should be least of your concern since you moved from that employer (unless initial H1 was fraudulent). Consult an experienced attorney with more specific details of your past company and your case. 

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