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I came on F1 visa and then I was on OPT and then got my H1B sponsored. According to my I797c, I had to start my H1B from Oct1, 2009. I did not get pay stubs for Oct2009 and Dec 2009. I resigned on Jan 15, 2010 and left USA (one way ticket) in the first week of Feb 2010 and I am in my home country ever since. I currently work in my home country.

If I stay in my home country for 2 years and then apply for H1B visa, will I be asked about those pay stubs that I did not get (Oct and December) or will such details of not getting paid be forgiven.

If there is possibility that I have to stay in my home country for more than 2 years, may I please know how many years I must stay in my home country?

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