H4 EAD vs Advance Parole EAD

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Hoping to gain some insight on below -

1. Our green card (GC) is in process and our case for Adjustment of Status (I-485) was filed around Dec 2020
2. My spouse (on H4-EAD valid till Aug '23) and myself (on H-1B valid till Aug '23) have both received our advance parole EAD
3. My wife's advance parole expires in April 2022 while mine is valid till August 2023 (my H-1B is also valid till that time)

Moving Pieces:
1. Our attorney is about to file for my spouse's advance parole renewal, and 
2. We are planning for a Trip to India in Jan-Feb 2022

Open Questions:
1. Should we (my spouse and myself) get our visa stamped OR should we rely on Advance parole to re-enter United States
2. How does USCIS validate and register if the re-entry was on H4-EAD or GC-EAD advance parole and would the re-entry on H-1B and H4 EAD cause any issues to ongoing GC process
3. Can my spouse continue to work past October 2022 (April 2022 advance parole expiry + 6 automatic application since renewal is filed) on H4 EAD if Advance parole is not approved by then

Looking forward to hearing from someone who has experienced this first hand or has legal experience / advice around the same. Thank you very much in Advance. 

Another Immigrant

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