3 misdemeanor charges

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My previous co.worker have a restraining order against me and i violated without knowing it, Now I have been charged with 3 charges(273.6a, 273.6a and 166.c) but my attorney is saying as second offense it hard to get the case dismissed, he will try to reduce the charges. I am H4, My H4 went to RFE, later denied and we amended it and got approved for one year. Can you please tell me what chances will the case be  dismissed. please suggest.
I have 8 year old girl and my hubby is on H1b.
I am much worried, hopeless and depressed for past one year.
Thank you so much  for your response.
your response will give me some hope.
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@pontevecchio Thank you so much for your response.

My attorney says he would submit motion for diversion (1001.95) without pleading guilty, as per diversion agreement if i finish my mental health counselling(10 sessions) some amount of community service(20 hours). If I finish all the terms, my charges will be dismissed.

I am so concerned that if this diversion will affect my immigration status and future immigration proceedings.

Can you please provide your inputs on this?

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