Please Help- Violation of Restraining order- End of life

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My previous co. worker has a restraining order against me, i violated it unknowingly two times. 
Now, I have been charged with 3 charges(273.6a, 273.6a and 166.c) but my attorney is saying as second offense it hard to get the case dismissed, he will try to reduce the charges. I am H4, My H4 went to RFE, later denied and we amended it and got approved for one year. Can you please tell me what would be the best option to get  case dismissed. or what are the chances  the charges  be reduced. please suggest.
I have 8 year old girl and my hubby is on H1b.
I am much worried, hopeless and depressed for past one 
Thank you so much  for your response.
your response will give me some light to my life and confidence.
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