DS160 -need to create family application


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we need to create a family application 1 H1b + 3 H4(wife and 2 kids) in DS 160.

but i seem to have lost the thank you page(the one you are redirected to once you submit primary applicant) which allows to create family application.

i am not able to navigate to the thank you page again all i can do if i retrieve my sumitted application is navigate to confirmation page.

1) Can some one please help me out in navigating it to thank you page multiple times so that i can create family application -- 3  H4 and 1 primary H1b

or 2) can i create sperate DS 160 forms for all 4 family members then add them while paying fees ? is it still considered family application 

3) can i take single slot appointment for all 4 family members or do have have to book 4 slots for the family?


Thank you,


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