I-485 approved while h1b and h4 extension is pending

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Earlier this month, I got my and my wife's 485 approved.

My employer had also filed for I-765 and I-131 along with 485, but they are still in pending status.
My current h1b (and my wife's h4) expired in last week for September., and my employer had filed for its extension, and that is also still in pending status.

I had also filed for my wife's h4 ead (I-765) using the reciept number of my pending H1B, and last week I got an rfe From uscis asking for proof of my wife's h4 status and mine h1B status (which is no longer the case)

So even if I have my 485 approved, I have about 7 applications in pending status for both me and my wife combined

485 related2  I-765, 2 I-131

H1b related: 1 h1b, 1 H4 and 1 H4 ead (I-765)

My question is, - Should I insist in getting these pending petitions withdrawn via my employer/attorneys?

May be ask USCIS to at least withdraw h1b and h4 petitions if not all?

Our attorney suggested that these petitions will be denied, but it will not be a prejudicial, and should not be impacting my future immigration related petitions.
For my wife's h4 ead though, regardless, I am thinking of sending a rfe response myself asking USCIS to withdraw it.

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On 10/26/2021 at 9:00 PM, JoeF said:

You can ignore any of the pending applications. You and your wife are LPRs now. None of the other things matter. Enjoy being Permanent Residents.

Thanks for the response , 

not sure how I missed your reply until today.

anyways, that’s what I did. I ignored the pending applications but I did respond to my wife’s I 765 rfe, asking them to withdraw our h4 ead.

However two days back, my h1b got approved, and I was really not expecting that. I was thinking it will be denied by uscis.

so now I am wondering if I should still continue to ignore this approved h1b?

I really hope that this h1b approval should not ‘override’ my permanent residence status in anyway.

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