Does USCIS require printed on foil paper of original labor certification Form 9089 for EB3 I-140 downgrade application?


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My case was in EB2 with approved I-140 PD 2013-Mar-2013. I have downgraded to EB3 (I-140) and applied AoS (I-485, I-765, I-131) applications. However, I received an RFE for EB3 I-140 with primary reason:  the original labor certification for my case. Along with education history, employment history and future employability proof. Upon future analysis, my attorney confirmed that, they included this copy of the original Form 9089 with the original signatures of you, your employer, and the preparer with the EB-3 downgrade petition, and requested USCIS to obtain the original document (printed on foil paper and containing all original signatures), if required for processing, from the original EB-2 I-140 petition, as USCIS should have this document in their files.

My question is, does USCIS really require, original document form 9089  (printed on foil paper and containing all original signatures) for processing EB3 downgrade application I-140? Or they should be fine with copy of the original labor certification from EB2 I-140?

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