PERM Approved. Prior experience had part-time period. Attorney says PERM restart needed since min. requirement not met.


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During my PERM process, I listed two internships as full-time for prior experience. Minimum requirement for my position was Masters plus one year experience. PERM went through all stages and was approved. While preparing drafts from the employment verification letters, I brought up the part-time period of 3 months. Due to this, they recalculated my days working full-time to be less than 1 year. They are stating that this does not match the original requirement of 1 year experience and hence, they’ll need to restart my PERM process from the beginning. I have not obtained my employment verification letters from my previous employers yet.

1 - If I get my prior employers to provide letters that state full-time employment for the entire period, is it advisable to move ahead with the I-140 petition?
2 - Is it advisable to obtain general employment letters documenting dates, skills, duties, etc and move ahead with the I-140 application?
3 -Are there any other options to move ahead with approved PERM or is a restart required to change the minimum job requirements?


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