Stamping with older H1 after withdrawal of h1 amendment

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Hi, Can someone please clarify and help here? I was working for client A from my employer and H1 is approved till aug 2023. [ FYI - Today - 9/29/2021]. As my project was over, I moved to a new client B with same employer and they filed a H1 amendment which is still in pending. Now, I want to move to Client A back and my employer said, they can just revoke the H1 amendment so that, previously approved H1 [till 2023] becomes effective, and I can start work on Client A.

Meanwhile, I want to visit India now and come back to start work on client A and I need to get stamping to come back. My employer is saying as they are withdrawing the H1 amendment, I can get the stamping in a week from now, based on the approved H1 petition.

Do you see any issue here in getting stamped and entering US?

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