Principal applicant GC approved. Spouse got RFE


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Hello Experts, 

We are worried about spouse RFE.  In spouse's 485 application, we marked YES for Question number 25 to 27. But we mentioned just comments that it is  traffic ticket. Officer sent the RFE asking "What made us to mark YES and asked more details about incident, date, any documentation related to the incident etc."

The incident is about traffic ticket. No injuries to any one. While parking the car, the car touched to another already parked car in a parking lot. Cop issued 2 ticket "LEAVING THE SCENE" and "FAIL NOTIFY DMG/UNATTENDED VEH".   Spouse did not leave the parking lot. We hired a lawyer and appeared in the court and one ticket got closed immediately the other we paid the court fee and closed after one year of supervision.  All these happened 10 years back. We wanted to be transparent and marked YES in 485 application for Questions 25 to 27.  Now I got these case documents printed with court seal at court office and responding to RFE with details.  Spouse was not arrested. no other charges. No criminal history. No other incidents except this single one mentioned above. 

Since Principal applicant's GC is approved, I am guessing spouse's H4 and H4EAD will become void.
NOTE: The H4 and H4 EAD expiry date is till mid of next year. 

We are worried about what will be the outcome and what is likelihood of spouse's 485 approval. 

Please provide your inputs and thoughts to lower our worries. Thank you.

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