Birth Certificate for Non-Saudi

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I was an Indian citizen born in Saudi Arabia. I got my naturalization certificate few months ago after which I filed GC for parents in Aug 2021 and received Biometric appointment a week later.

While submitting application, as a petitioner I included my Saudi birth certificate issued by Indian Embassy in Saudi Arabia. I had submitted the same birth certificate when I applied for my own Employment Based GC several years ago.

However, my lawyer tells me that USCIS may send RFE asking for "Birth Certificate for Non-Saudi" issued by Saudi Ministry of Civil Affairs which I don't have. I have a birth record document from the Hospital where I was born but that hospital no longer exists. I also have another document which I believe is my vaccination record (it's in Arabic). I don't have my parents Iqama number which apparently is needed to apply for non-saudi birth certificate. 

1) Has anyone been in this situation and received RFE asking for petitioners "Birth Certificate for non-Saudi"? Isn't birth certificate issued by Indian Embassy enough for proof? They accepted that same BC when my GC was filed.
2) If indeed it's needed then how do I go about applying for one. 

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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