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Hi Everyone. Need your help on my question since I am looking to rebuild my career. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
I worked in the US, on H1B which was valid from from Oct 1, 2000 to May 1, 2003. Later I got another H1 valid from April 5, 2003 to March 17, 2006. However instead of utilizing full six years, unfortunately I left USA in June 2003 itself due to my children health back in India. So I have not used about 3 yrs out of total eligible 6 years. So can I use Is it possible to get H1 b - transfer under cap-exempt.. ? . I have seen in the below article that there is nomore ristrictions on H1 B cap exempt after 6 yrs stay outside USA.

I have master degree in Engineering and I have been working in India since then and past few years in to training. but past two years I have been struggling to make money due to COVID pandemic. It's becoming hard to get back a job in India.

Earlier, there was a rule which said, we have to use it in the past 6 years...but now it seems we they changed the rule ...to "no time limit"
Please read below article and kindly suggest the best plan of action. Thankyou , have a great day

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