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Hi Everyone,

I need opinion on the following:

Currently I am in US on H4 visa status and doing masters from a State university. I already completed the 1st year. Now I want to apply for F1 visa so that I can get OPT after completion of my course.

At the same time, my husband’s I-140 is under process. It’s applied on June 2021. So I can also apply for H4 EAD after its approval.

So, I need suggestions whether I should stay on my current status and wait for EAD or apply for F1 and change of status?

Thanks in advance!

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An F1-OPT only allows you to work in your field of study. OPT is "Optional Practical Training." An H4-EAD allows you to work anywhere. It also means that an employer can't threaten you with withholding salary, etc, what some shady consulting companies do. On H4-EAD you can just quit and find a better employer.

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