H1B in 2 companies


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I am in approved H4 Status now.

 For the FY 2021-22, I  had applied my  H1-B application through

  1. Consultant A and
  2. My old employer ( I was in L1 status before H4 earlier)

My application was picked up in 1st Lottery Cap ( April 1, 2021) and  submitted his documents ( June 19, 2021) through the consultant A, and we received the application receipt from USCIS ( July 2021)

 On August 3, 2021, I got an update from my old employer that, my H1-B application has been picked up in the second lottery and they would like to procced with the submission of the required documents.

I was in L1-B status since May 2015 – June 2020 ( completed 5 years).

With this being said, my  I-140 has been approved in March 2018 with the old employer and hence I prefer to join the old employer as soon as the application is approved , so that the future H1-B extensions would be easier.

 My question is, what are we supposed to do with the H1-B application filed with the consultant A? Will it be OK to have both the H1-B applications approved for the same Fiscal year at different time frames from different employers?

Also, I wanted to know whether the petition A can be withdrawn before approval or after approval of Petition A ( while B is in still in progress)

Also, what would happen if I does not join Consultant A after approval ( before B’s approval).

Or, do you have any other suggestions for us?

Thank you in advance

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