Employment based - Job change immediately after GC

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Hi, Humbly Need help with below scenario. 

My i140 was processed by my employer on EB1C category and was approved on 2019. Due to retrogression, I couldn’t apply 485 until October 2020. Got my GC now. It’s been 2 years since I got my i140 approved. It’s 1 month since my gc got approved.

My current employer is not doing good. 

If I switch job now, will the 180 day rule for resignation starts from the date I received my GC or the date I received my i140 approval? 

What happens if I resign and join other company in similar positions? Will it affect my naturalization? Do I need to reapply for I 140 or can my current company revoke my 140?

If I am laid off, shall I move to other companies without affecting my naturalization?

My humble thanks for all your help.

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If the employer isn't doing good that's certainly a valid reason to look for a new job.

The "180 day" thing is not a hard rule, it is more of a common sense thing. If your job is in danger there is no downside to start looking for a new job. In fact, it is common sense to do so. Just keep some documentation of the signs the employer isn't doing well, e.g., they have been laying off people, in case you are asked about it during naturalization.

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