H4 Visa Appointment Online - Receipt Number change of H1B holder:

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Hello All

I am on H1B visa and I got married in February 2021. I came to USA after my marriage and my wife is still in India. 

I started booking H4 visa appointment for her online. I partially filled in the DS 160 and used the DS 160 confirmation number to book an appointment. 

I filled in the required details .


In the above screen I filled in my H1B information my name and the petitioners name. I paid the visa fee and got an appointment for March 2022.

Last month I got a new contract opportunity and filed a H1B amendment under premium process and am expected to get approval next week.

I have a new receipt number now and how do I update the receipt number, start and expiration dates in the original H4 visa appointment. I am able to update profile info at https://cgifederal.secure.force.com but I can only update personal information of my wife and DS 160 confirmation number. I don't see a section to update the original receipt number, start and end dates, petitioners name. Is there a way to do this?

One option is to cancel the appointment and book a new appointment. I loose the application fee that I paid but its not just the money, considering how hard it is to get a visa appointment in India I do not want to take this route. 

It took three months to find a visa appointment and the appointment date I got is after 8 months (march 29 2022). I do not want to cancel this appointment and loose more time in finding a new appointment date.

Could you suggest an alternative.

Thanks and Regards



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