Do I need a drop box appointment to reapply for new H1B visa if I have Valid H1B stamped visa. The employer company and location is same but updated visa expiration date and petitioner name. Also i have valid AP/EAD for marriage based AOS

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I have a valid approved AP/ EAD (valid through April 2022) for a pending I-485 marriage based AOS

I have a H1B visa stampped through my employer valid till Sep 2022. but recently, I switched team within the same company and immigration team reapplied for my H1B visa. I received the I-797A approval notice and the new H1B visa is valid till April 2024.  Though it is the same company, I see the petitioner name slightly changed from my previous stamped visa petiitoner name. The reason i guess they reapplied as there was a change in my job family.

I want to visit India in the month of December and it is becasue of my mother medical condition. 

Do I need apply for Drop box appointment for restamping as the expiration date is changed for my H1B visa ? Or can I come back to US without any stamping and on my old visa as it is the same company.

Also I am currenly working on H1b visa with my employer and I have not updated my I9 to my EAD.

Any sort of advice wiill be really helpful. On what scenario I could visit India and come back without applying for drop box appointment as it is supper difficult to get one currently and can I leverage my AP/ EAD at the point of entry even though I am keeping my active H1B status.

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