TN/ impact on green card for H4 with divorce process by H1

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Current Immigration status: H4Country of Nationality is "Canada"Years in US: 10 going to be 11 soon. EAD is on Green card basis on my soon to be exhusband ,(employment based green card application)Type of Visa required: TNPlace/border where went : Alexandria Bay/ 1000 islands.
No attorney representation or attorney proofed docs.

Number of times denied: 2 b) Number of times Reasons given: 1 c)Which time the reason was given: First time d)What was the reason: They could not find much on the company website, its Saturdya, nobody is available to call. Gave me a check list what needs to be brought in next time. Please refer the attachment. d)Did they give any reason for the second time: No e)Did I acquire all the required information? Yes f)phone call with the CEO was the reason for the denial. CEO has slipped the role name and corrected himself.
Questions:Current situation: My husband and I are not in good terms ,he filed for Divorce which would heavily impact on my immigration status. As I m trying for TN, its unknown as far as the EAD advance parole submission status. question I am posing here is would it show up on the system at the submission of EAD or Completion of EAD (final delivery of EAD) , If his company filed for green card for the entire family, if the divorce in place, would they have to retract entire file and reapply for the members without my name? or would the file keep moving the same way, except I do not get the green card if I get divroce in the meanwhile??
2) Now, going to the border will have a what rate of success vs USCIS. (2 denials on the profile) with attorney representation, can I go to the Border? If so, which border is better to go for better chance for approval.

3) Once ur name is included in the green card app, can it be removed due to the divorce process and the rest of the applicants will get the green card or do they have to refile the entire process by retracting it? 


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