H1B Transfer W/O I-94..USCIS Review-Pls help


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I am in a situation where my H1B transfer approved but no I-94.I did not start my work with my new employer and i am continuing my work with my old employer.My new employer attorney told they called USCIS and asked for review to know why the I-94 was not issued.The person at

USCIS told it will take couple of weeks to know the status.

Here is my case .

I came to US on New H1B 4 months back,having valid visa for 2 years.I got an offer from American MNC and they filed my H1B transfer in premium.I did not resign my old job yet.I got the Approval without I-94.I gave all my paystubs for my transfer,even then i did not get I-94.I am now just waiting to hear from USCIS review.

Any idea how much time it takes to get the update from USCIS.My new employer attorney just called the premium processing number of USCIS.The person told that the adjucating officer will reveiw the case and update in couple of weeks.It is already 2 weeks now.

Please help me if anyone face the same case.What are the steps i can take.Really appreciate your inputs and thoughts.

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