H4 visa for non Indian citizen


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I am an Indian citizen but my fiancée is a Nepali citizen and has a Nepali passport. We’ll be getting married next month. My company is applying for my H1B visa and is getting processed right now. If I get H1B visa, I’ll be travelling to US shortly after the marriage. We are planning to travel together. Can my wife apply for the spouse (H4) visa with her Nepali passport? Will it be any different if she applies for a B2 visa (I already have a B1 visa and will travel on B1 if I don't get H1)?

If she cannot, what needs to be done to get her visa? Does she have to apply at the American consulate in Nepal? Please let me know what the available options are.

A little background about her: She was born in Nepal and is a Nepali citizen. But she has been staying in India for the past 6 and a half years. She did her college in India and is presently looking for a job. She even has a SBI bank account and driving license of India. However, she does not have any formal/legal document/visa for staying in India since it is was never required till now.

Any help is much appreciate

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