Updating biometrics for second time only for primary applicant and not for spouse?


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Hello, my Priority Date is becoming current by June and a couple of days before I got a letter from USCIS to provide my biometrics in 2 weeks from now.

Both me and my wife previously provided our biometrics in Aug 2007 and now only I got this mail and my wife did not get a mail to provide her biometrics for the second time.

Just wondering if anyone is in the same boat?

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Hi SSRV, is your priority date is current at the time you received your 2nd FP notices?

Same thing happened in our case also. Primary applicant got finger prints first then dependents received FP notices after two weeks.

Our priority date is current now.Please post if any updates.

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Hi gcwaiter99

Yes, my priority date was current when we received out 2nd finger printing notice. My PD - december 2001 is current from August 2010 and we got the finger printing notice during November/December 2010.

I noticed LUDs on December 2010 and then on April 2011. But no message changes.

Still same ........


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