Maxed out - H4 COS Pending - i140 approved - confused on next steps

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Hi All,

I follow Murthy forums regularly but I'm not able to get some answers on some of the questions

My H1B maxed out on March. At that time, my PERM was pending - so I decided to change to H4 so that I can stay in US. 

Now in June, I got my PERM approved and my i-140 approved in premium.


Ideally I want to get back to H1B as soon as possible. But I'm confused on how to proceed.

As per USCIS, Change of Status (COS) will take 12-16 months. 

Stamping in Canada/Mexico has 6-8 months waiting time

Stamping in India is still not clear due to pandemic.


1. Can I go to Canada/Mexico and get my H4 Visa stamped? Then I can come back to US & then apply for H1B and start working

   - Do I have to get appointment to get it stamped? Or can I get it stamped at the Point of Entry?

2. Can I apply for h1b with consular processing and get it stamped in Canada/Mexico or India (if consulates are opened)

   - The problem is getting client letter. They are not ready to give unless they know the exact date of joining. 

   - Can I do this while sitting in US?

3. Do I have any other options other than waiting for my H4 approval (12-16 months)

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