Biometric Appointment recevied but parents will be back in US with new visa stamping


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My parents visited US in 2020. We applied for extension (B2 visa). We didn't hear back from USCIS. Their stamped visa and I-94 was going to expire and they left country before the expiration date of visa and I-94.  They got new visa stamping in India and are planing to get here by July 15TH. Meanwhile, they biometric is scheduled for July 20th. What should I do? Should I call and cancel the biometric and also, withdraw the I-539 applications?

US Arrival date - 4th August 2020
VISA and I 94 validity till -  6 Feb 2021
Extension filed - 23rd Nov 2020
Returned to India - 30th Jan 2021

New B2 visa stamped in India - 16 Feb 2021

Planning to travel back on - 15 July 2021
Meanwhile - Bio-metrics Appointment scheduled for extension -  20th July 2021

Please let me know what should I do in this case.

1) Will there be a problem in immigration if they travel back on July 15, 2021? What documents they need to carry?

2) Should we call and cancel the biometric?

3) Should I write a send a withdrawal of I-539 filed in Nov 2020?


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