Received H4 + EAD even after moving to H1


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My company attorney  filed for H4 extension + H4 EAD for my wife in last July 2020. Since the approvals was taking so long she converted from H4 -> H1 in Feb 2021. 
After she got H1 approval from her employer, I asked my company attorney to withdraw our H4 extension + H4 EAD application and I was told they applied to withdraw the same in Feb 2021. She also did not attend biometrics for H4 as she had H1 approval and attorney applied for H4 withdrawal.

Meanwhile, My Eb3 downgrade was filed on Nov 25, 2020 along with my wife dependent AOS. and we received receipt notices for all applications on Feb 20th.

My wife received AOS EAD + AP in May last week.

On 6/22/2021, I received notification that my wife H4 extension and H4 EAD was approved. (Even after my attorney submitted withdraw application). What needs to be done in this situation? My wife wanted to maintain her H1 status. Can we ignore H4 approval we received? Or do we need to take some action to ensure we maintain proper status.


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