Does F-2 visa holder, who has "NIE under all P.P.s on novel coronavirus", have to travel within 30 days of approval?

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I am on F-1 visa in the USA and have graduated with my degree. Currently I am employed and on STEM OPT. My wife (from Schengen area) got her F-2 visa approved two weeks ago with May 25th 2021 as issue date. Her visa says "NIE under all P.P.s on novel coronavirus".
1. Does she need to travel within 30 days of this issue date? Or, can she travel after 30 days?
2. Following the below guideline, will she be allowed entry if she travels within 30 days? Since I am not studying anymore, so there is no academic program to commence; and besides, if she travels within 30 days, then it will be before June 25th which is much before than August 1st. So, will she be allowed entry before June 25th?

"Students with valid F-1 and M-1 visas intending to begin or continue an academic program commencing August 1, 2021 or later do not need to contact an embassy or consulate to seek an individual NIE to travel. They may enter the United States no earlier than 30 days before the start of their academic studies"

Thank you.

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If she has a F2 visa (dependent on you), then whatever restrictions you have, she also will have.   If her NIE clearly states that she has to travel within 30 days of issuance, then she may have to, you have to clarify with the consulate of the country where she got her F2.  Otherwise she has to wait till August 1.   

One way to be sure is she can go to a non-restricted country like Serbia and wait for 14 days and then fly to US without touching any of the restricted countries (even for transit).

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