Age out kids with for just 2 months

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My daughter came on H4 when she was 4 years old. My employer filed for PERM in 2008 but got denied after RFE in 2010. Filed again in December 2010 and approved. Priority date set to December 28, 2010 EB3.  My daughter was approaching age 21 so I filed COS to F1 in July 2020. October 2020 my filing dates become current. I filed for AOS for my wife and me but I was advised to wait for my daughter based only 4 months left for her age out and final action dates were not moving quickly enough. Also any potential impact on pending F1 with an immigrant applciation. Feb 2021 she turned 21 and April bulletin final action date becomes current.  My I-140 was just pending for 15 days so not much time to deduct from age. 

I am just wondering if someone tries to challenge USCIS with kids age out for just 1-2 months. Is that worth a try?

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