Travel of Bed Bound Parent on Tourist Visa: Flight and Insurance guidance

Priya Chittoor

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Hello ,

This is Priya. My mother had a major brain stroke last year and she is completely paralyzed on her left side and needs to be fed through NG/Riles tube. 

 I need help bringing my mother to me here in the United States, so she will be with my children for few months and I can show her to doctors/physiotherapists here. I’m sure she will heal and respond better when she sees her grandchildren. My parents both have their B1/B2 visas to travel.

Wonder how will I accommodate to bring her on a long flight journey and any options available? and please suggest on good health insurance that can be used while they are here.

Any guidance, help much appreciated.

Thank You,


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Remember, Priya, this journey might be challenging, but with the right guidance and support, you can make it possible for your mother to be with her grandchildren in the United States. mckinneyandco can be your trusted partner in securing the right insurance coverage for her, ensuring her health and well-being are well taken care of during her stay.

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