H1b extension and stamping

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My current h1b going to expire on 7/27/21, so I applied extension in premium and got rfe. But I need to travel to India I'm this month due to family emergency,  so my questions are

1. Can I travel to India and answer the rfe from India , and wait for approval and getting stamped?

2 can travel India and getting stamped on existing approval petition till 7/27/21, and come back to us in June and respond the rfe?

Can any pls suggest me 

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1.. Risky. General advise not travel while processing. If you cannot avoid I guess you need to wait for approval and get stamped.

2.. I feel risky since during interview they will surely come to know you have existing visa application in process and you got RFE and they might issue 221G just to wait and see what will be the output. But by chance you may get stamped. So risk is there...

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