Old H1B recapture time can be add with current H1B extension ?

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I came USA first time in year 2006 and went back during 2011

USA H1B Petition A  : 

First Entry date : May 07, 2006

Last Exit date : October 31, 2011

I have Unused /recapture time pending = 9 months with that H1B visa


With New Fresh H1B, I came USA in year 2014

USA H1B Petition B : 

First entry date : October 5, 2014

Last Exit date : December 15, 2017

One year , I was out of USA

Re Entry date : December 23, 2018

Current stamped visa : January 18, 2022

I have Unused /recapture time pending with current  H1B visa = 2 months


Question : Can I apply for (2+9) = 11 months extension together ?

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On 4/9/2021 at 1:29 AM, chassmebu said:

I think your clock reset twice. First in 2011 and second time in December 2017, if both the times you came via lottery. You dont mention anything about approved I-140 or PERM. Was that filed in between?  Please share if you hear any update on your case.

I have the same question..

Petition A:

I entered USA Apr 2008 -feb 2010

Unused 4yrs

Petition B:

Entered USA apr 2016 - till today ,maxout in apr 2022

can I recapture unused 4yrs from Petition A by applying an extension?

Both were through lottery.Now with different employer.

Replies will be very helpful

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