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I have not travelled to India from last 7 years and planning to visit India end of April 2021 due to marriages in my family. I do not qualify for drop Box. I am wondering how are the situations for H1B and H4 visa stamping in New Delhi (India). Are they stamping H1B and H4 ? If yes, How long it takes for the interview date ?  
I would really appreciate your inputs regarding this !

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Are they stamping H1B and H4 ? - I feel interviews are happening and few are getting stamped. But unfortunately we Indians are not used to help others without any gain for us. NO GAIN NO HELP.  So people who get stamped succesfully do not have time to post their experience. If 221g they create time and ask questions with out posting their profile and how interview went.

If yes, How long it takes for the interview date ?   -- I do not know.

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My wife had a visa interview yesterday for H4 stamping at New Delhi.  It went fine and her visa was verbally approved. The passport is still with the consulate

The only questions that were asked were

1) How many H4 stamps did you have

Ans: This would be my second one

2) Asked for my i797 copy (change of employer since last visa)

Ans: Showed the copy, briefed about job change

3) Reason for travel and who is traveling with her.

Ans: Traveling alone, family emergency


I also saw on the scheduling site that appointment dates are available as early as Apr 8, 2021. Some days back it was showing dates in june/july. So with luck and persistence, you should be able to get the dates soon.


Best of luck!



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