I-485 Denied!!! Urgent help need please!


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"I know that we were not illegal and my family has never been illegal because at the time that we applied because I remember seeing my visa and it was supposed to end in 03 I think but it got terminated because we applied."

You should talk to an attorney about it. I would not risk being banned from the country for 10 years based on a vague childhood memory. Again, visa itself has nothing to do with it. What matters if whether your I-94 expired when you filed I-485 (then you were in illegal presence with some rare exceptions). It is possible that you were legally present on your priority date (when LC was filed in 2001) but that changed before your I-485 was filed, which probably took at least a couple more years to file. Bottom line - you need a lawyer to look at your documents. One giveaway is Supplement A you may have had to submit with your I-485 petition, with an additional $1,000 fee. That means you were using 245i.

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Hey Belle,

I talked to my dad about this and he said that we have never been illegal in the United States and that he has checked with our attorney several times. The only time that we have been illegal is right now unless they give us our GC from the MTR. My question is if we do have to leave and the bar does not apply for my family, how long will getting new visas take to get because my dad and mom are school teachers and they can go away for the summer and if we get the visas in time my parents can keep their jobs and our normal lives would continue.

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Then, it is a possiblity. Before doing so, I would recommend getting advice from at least a couple of good lawyers on this matter to make sure there are no gotchas. Just keep in mind, sometimes parents try to shelter their kids from bad news.

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