No SSN, Paycheck on H1b

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I’ve applied for ITIN in march 2020 at one of the IRS center. After few months, I've received a letter from IRs to send my original passport. I was conerned about sending my passport but that’s the only option im left with. Ive sent my passport to irs in august 2020.
But, unfortunately i had to move to different address in october, since my current lease was ended. When ive called irs to inform tgat they said they cant update the address for passport, they will be sending my passport to old address and if thats not received the passport will be returned back to irs and then to my new address.
I've received my ITIN but I haven’t received my passport yet. Im concerned about my passport now. Ive reported case with TAS but they asked me to just wait. Due to covid everything is getting delayed so they asked me to just wait

So, Ultimately I've lost my passport and I can't apply for SSN. so my Employer can't run my payroll. How Should I report this to USCIS. My H1b was active since Oct2020. But, no paycheck since then. Will that be a problem 
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