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I need to make a decision for my green card application. Please help me, here is my situation:

I am currently working with a design company(A) for 1,5 years with H1B visa. My employer wants to apply for a green card but I have no other work experience than this job. I have only internship experiences. If I go with my employer I will need to get a reference letters from the companies I worked for internship which were not full time job.


There is another design company (B) who wants to apply a green card for me but first my H1B visa needs to be transferred to there. I am thinking if I go with this company  (B) maybe I can show work experience from the (A) design company for 1,5 years for full time job and that may help my process better.

Which sounds would look better?

Can you please help me and share your thoughts?

thank you 

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You should discuss your situation with a good immigration lawyer and your family.

Relying on strangers on a forum doesn't make any sense.

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