Lost Job Right after My GC Approval

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Hello All , 

My GC is approved end of Jan 2021. (After Clearing the RFE in November). I lost my Contract in Feb 2021 Middle. (Still with same company but not getting paid since its a contract job).

My Lawyer is not recommending to change the job for Next 180 Days. Is there anyway i can move to another Company or different Employer this time ? 



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Since you are not getting paid, you have no job. Either the company employs you or lets you go. I assume you mean this company filed for your GC. By mentioning the word lawyer in your question, you are hamstringing any potential useful replies. If they let you go, you are free to pursue other avenues. This will not affect your GC.

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  • 5 weeks later...

Thank you pantevecchio for Kind Response. they are not running my payroll but they still say i am an active employee. But they are not restricting me to go. but still i am worried about future issues OR i can take another job as a second job (Since in GC we can work on a multiple jobs) Thanks

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