Missed N400 interview!!! What to do?

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Hello, I am very concerned about my case

I received a phone call from a lady on 2/22 telling me my appointment had been canceled and would be rescheduled at a later date, I checked the number where they had called me and it was the north Houston field office, where my interview was supposed to happen. I checked on the automated system the next day 2/23 and sure enough it said that my interview appointment had been canceled and I would receive a new date, so I did not show up for the "canceled" interview on 2/24.

On 2/25 I receive a text and email notification that I missed my interview and it will significantly affect my case, I immediately called the USCIS help center to tell them that I had received a call from the field office (They called my cell phone I have proof in my phone log that they did in fact call me) the help center lady gave me a "Service item number" and told me someone will contact me within 14 calendar days. 

What can I do to have my appointment scheduled again? I was planning in sending a letter to the field office giving them the reason I did not show up (They told me it was canceled!!) but not sure if they would believe it or not, also had traveled abroad within the previous 2 weeks from my interview (Came back to the US on 2/14, interview was on 2/24) did not call because I am in Texas and we had a horrible ice storm the whole week, not sure if I can mention it and get it rescheduled due to COVID risk, inclement weather, etc. what do you all think? What to do??? 

Thanks in advance for  your help and support.

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