Question on PD being current for Fiscal year 2011


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Hello All,

What are the chances of my EB2 PD Feb 22'nd 2007 being current this fiscal year? I have been in negotiation on closing of the house which I have liked and wanted to postpone the process so as to avoid the hassle of AR11 when PD is this close.

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There is really no way to know if/when a particular date will be current.

The July Visa Bulletin should be out next week. That is likely to give some further insight. Obviously, it will let us all know about any additional movement in July and it may contain estimates for August/September.

AR-11s are very easy. While many people want the security of being an LPR before they take on a mortgage, the need to file an AR-11 is a minor hurdle.

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Remember to call customer service to change the address on your application. AR-11 does not update address on pending applications. I had moved since i filed my I-485 and when my PD became current, i called USCIS to update address on our applications. Green cards arrived at the new address without any issues.

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