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I live in USA on h1b and run a youtube channel that generates income. Recently I started doing paid promotion and that is adding new revenue stream and my CPA asked me to register either LLC or Corporation to keep track of youtube business. I've few questions,

1) On h1b can I register LLC or a Corporation? I will be the sole proprietor and running the whole show for this business.  I read similar topics on this website and looks like I can not start an LLC but my question is I have been doing youtube business and reporting it as a side income in my tax returns for few years now, setting up an LLC is just to keep the accounting clean and there is no question of me taking up an American job

2) My EAD is few months away. Once I receive that can I start an LLC/Corporation on EAD (if not on h1b alone)?

3) If above options don't work can I start LLC in india (my home country) and operate this business from there? After all youtube is global.


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You can NOT do this. And creating it in another country doesn't work, either. Any work for a company that is not your H1 employer is illegal while you are in the US on H1. It does not matter where the company is located, it matters where you are located.

And you have to report your worldwide income to the IRS, anyway.

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