I94 expired due to passport expiry and did not notice this

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Have anyone came across similar scenario, I need your urgent advice on the below .
My spouse is the primary visa holder L1, I am on dependent visa L2.
I arrived at US on Dec 30,2016 and got an I94 valid till Oct 31, 2017 and my visa was valid till May 30,2019.
But my passport got expired on Oct 31, 2017 which has the same date as my I94.  I renewed my passport but missed to renew my I94 then,
due to this  i was on expired I94 for  more than 180 days.
Mean time without noticing  i travelled on vacation to India  during  June 2 ,2018 and was back to the US on June 25,2018. I was issued a new I94 at POE, which is valid till June 30,2021. Even then I dint realize the gap in I94 from ( Nov 1,2017 till June 2,2018 ) until a couple of weeks back now.
My spouse’s office filled extension last year and it got approved, where as my extension is still pending with USCIS.Though my current I94 is valid till june 30, 2021, but the gap in my previous I94 and the present I94 is the one which bothers me , is it something I have to get it rectified or since i am back in status now , this should not be a issue. what are the options we have here .

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I doubt it can be "rectified" now (I am not sure whether they can file a nunc pro tunc extension now that you have already received status again). The 3-year ban will be over June 2, 2021, so just try not to take a trip outside the US until then. If in the future you do Adjustment of Status in an employment-based category, you won't be affected as INA 245(k) allows you to do AOS as long as you have been out of status or working illegally for less than 180 days since your most recent admission, and you've had an admission since the time you were out of status, so the time reset.

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