Wrong Expiry Date with +2 days on post-completion OPT EAD Card


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Hello Everyone,

I received a post-Completion EAD card with validity from 05/04/2020 to 05/05/2021. This would mean it is valid for 12 months+2days which is not right. I feel the correct end date should be 05/03/2021. My OPT i20 does say 04 May 2020 to 03 May 2021. The error is quite subtle and I did not realize there is a mistake until I was looking to fill up the start date for my STEM OPT extension. 

Now the problem is I am quite close to the expiry date(within 90 days) and I have to do my STEM Extension application and H1B application in the coming months. I am not sure if sending the card for correction is the best idea. Is it necessary to correct this error?

Another issue is whether I should ask for my STEM EAD to start on the corrected date 05/04/2021 or just go by what is printed on the card and ask for a start date of 05/06/2021. My DSO says we can go by what is currently on the card and apply for a start date of 05/06/2021. But I still want to be sure this works.

 I would really appreciate some guidance on the best thing to do right now. Thanks!

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