H1B earning passive income in home country

James T

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I'm not under H1B yet but I'd like to, so I'm curious about my situation. I'm a software developer and I developed my own apps that are published and I earn some money every time someone pays for my apps. I'm getting paid by Apple/Google in my home country/bank account. I'm not working on these apps anymore but I'm still making money from them. 

My question is: If I get the H1B visa, is it authorized to keep that source of passive income in my home country while on H1B in the US? 

(I know H1B people are not allowed to work for anyone other than the H1B employer but in my case I wouldn't be working on my apps anymore, I worked on them before getting the H1B, but since my apps would still be available on the app store, I would keep receiving money from my apps) 

Please let me know if my question is not clear.

Thanks for you help!

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