H1B Transfer to a new employer


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I am working for Employer A on H1B and my visa is getting expired on Feb 20,2022.   Now I am moving to Employer B and started H1B Transfer. I need to serve 2 months notice period with Employer A but Employer B is asking me to in a week of time upon H1B transfer approval. 

Can I work for Employer A even after joining Employer B and how long I can work legally?

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In US notice is just professional courtesy since employment is at will and employee or employer can terminate employment at any time without prior notice.  

- Only 1 employer at a time.

Why: Anything else is illegal and will lend you in future issues, as you'll try to cover the overlapping jobs and you will have to lie or provide false / inaccurate details on various immigration and employment related forms in future. 

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