H4 for spouse without my paystubs


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Hi all,

I am here in Texas on H1b visa and it is just 15 days I am here and my wife got her passport recently and want to apply for h4 for her. Can she go for stamping without pay stubs (which I don't have as I don't have SSN yet). Please help as I there is not much help for her in India and wants to come here soon.



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Even though you do not have an SSN, your company can still generate a pay check for you and also have you insured in their health insurance plan

Any competent HR manager would no how to do this

In case they do not, you can discuss your case with them and they should be willing to help

For the visa interview abroad for your wife,pay checks will be needed (there may be some exceptional situations where they are not asked for (although I do not know of any))

So in your case, it is best to wait till you have pay stubs

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